Affiliate Registration Form

    Become an Bcfierce affiliate today and earn 10% commission, Use the registration form to apply now.

    10% from each purchase . Shipping excluded.

    bcfierce reserve the right to alter the commission rate affiliates receive.

    Commission rates can vary, can be reduced during seasonal months, and can exclude new products.

    bcfierce reserve the right to alter or retract coupon codes and/or sales dependent on relative sales locations, legitimacy of coupon codes redeemed.

    bcfierce reserve the right to alter or retract affiliations with influencers.

    Affiliates can request a payout of earning in there affiliate account

    Affiliates have access to see how much commission they have earned through their dashboard.

    Just go to AffiliateArea -> Coupons (Becomes visible if you have at least one coupon assigned to your account).

    You’ll see the list of all coupon codes assigned to you there.

    Promote that coupon code in your Instagram account / website / Facebook page or any other platform.

    When a person uses your coupon code at least once, they will be attached to your account for 90 days, and you will receive 10% of the total purchase price.

    Do not use filters or photoshop images.

    Ensure your background/backdrop is well light, bright and clean.

    Ensure your content is obtained on a high resolution camera and that the lighting of your content is excellent.

    Before and After images are advised to demonstrate the amazing impact of the
    products you are promoting.

    Discount codes work on full price items only. Exclusions apply to sale items, bundles,

    You can view your assigned coupon code within the Affiliate Area.

    Discount codes may be subject to limited time only.

    After you have registered as an affiliate.
    You can access your link via the Affiliate Area:
    ● Within the Affiliate Area find Affiliate URLs.
    ● Paste the link to your facebook/twitter/Instagram page
    ● Once your link is clicked a code is added to the users cart
    ● After purchase is complete percent of sales will show in your account

    bcfierce have permission to terminate, pause, reduce or increase commission rates at any time, without notice or reason.

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