About Us

About us


Be Creatively Fierce

Let’s get creative, let your personality shine through & be the Fierce person you are!

BCFIERCE created 2021 by Helen Fender

I’m Makeup Artist & Hairdresser from Swansea, South Wales. 

Helen Fender helzbeauty

I wanted to create a range of products that could help you express your creativity, be good quality & affordable.

I love being creative,  whether it’s being full glam or turning myself into a character 

The Name BCFIERCE comes from being Creative and Fierce 

BCF from logo initials of brand name have a deeper meaning 

B – Brian my father who’s sadly no longer with us, he was my hero

C- Christine my mother who is someone I look up to and idolise 

F – Fender my surname 

Follow me on my social 

INSTAGRAM @helzbeauty

TIKTOK @helzbeauty 

PINTEREST @helzbeauty 

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